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Rodrigo "Roo" Salas


He was born in Mexico City. He calls himself a people, stories and streets wanderer. Ever since teenage years, he got into music by playing in some punk rock garage bands. Afterwards, he became the bassist of a Mexican indie rock band called Eleonor. Years later, the band changed its name to La Buena Bestia. They recorded music with both.

Since 2015, he is the bassist of Fuera de Coma, a two-tone ska band, and Petra Merín, a rock band. Nowadays, he gives tourists trips in Mexico City and is part of the Jodidos project since mid-2018.

Marco Buendía


He began playing the guitar when he was a teenager. At 19 years old he began his musical studies at G. Martell Music University. Subsequently he specialized in electric guitar in DIM (Desarrollo Integral Musical).

He has been part of cover projects with bands like 27Cable, Cutleaf and Carbono 14. With the latter, he carried out a Pink Floyd Tribute. Currently, he is working on the Jodidos project and on an album with new songs.

Charlie Waters

Drummer & percussionist

DJ Waters is a drummer and percussionist since he was young. He studied music at C.I.E.M. In the 90s, he made productions such as Fahrenheit 451, and he ventured into electronic music. Waters was a member, composer and singer of the band Natasha, with which he recorded various albums. He has collaborated with bands like LLT and worked with DJ Klang and Merlina. He has been an invited percussionist to electronic music events such as Positrón. Also, he’s been DJ in several nightclubs and private events. As a composer, he has worked with experimental theater and independent film productions.

Nowadays, he works in the Waters project, an electronic fusion band and he’s part of the Jodidos project.